We All Matter Association

WE ALL MATTER was created in order to help and sustain people from underprivileged categories who, for different reasons, don’t have access to certain services or information that could help them improve their life and their living conditions.

The services we provide come in addition to the ones already offered to the beneficiaries by other private or governmental institutions and, even though they are mainly addressed to children, their multidisciplinary nature allows us to also intervene in the extended family.

Support WAM!


Redirect 3.5% of the income tax until the 30th of June. You can find form 230 here, already filled in with our information.


Direct 20% of the corporate income tax, if you represent a company. You can find here the sponsorship contract.


Donate into WAM’s account

All the money that will be received in our bank account will be exclusively used for the activities ment to support our beneficiaries.

We All Matter Association was established on the 20.09.2018, under Government Ordinance no. 26/2000 and is accredited as social services provider according to the accreditation certificate series AF no. 005975/2018. The Association is registered in the Register of entities/cult units for which tax deductions are granted, according to Decision no. 8118447/2020.

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